#TSLBirthdayBash - Celebrity Influence


In the recent years celebrity culture and an interest in following celebrities has sky-rocketed and on Stardoll that is no exception. We have releases based on all the latest red carpet events, and we have the ability to look exactly like any celebrity that we want should we choose that path. So for me it seemed fitting to include this 'Celeb Influence' section in the celebration!
Even ten year ago, carpet events were a lot smaller, less names were invited and it was a pretty limited bunch of people, mostly actors and actresses sometimes singers but blogging and reality shows have become hugely popular and it wouldn't be a carpet event without a blogger or internet sensation being present.
And runways aren't the only places for the models these days - social media has given them a huge extra platform to be themselves. On the runway they're there to sell the designers clothes and pieces, while on media and on red carpets they can work on themselves and their own image. These days the models are as much an influence to us as the designers of their clothes.
Carpet events certainly haven't been missed on Stardoll and the past few years these have risen in popularity, even just in 2016 there's been at least one a month so far! With those, the fact that celebrities influence us really comes to light in what we choose to wear to the events and how we style ourselves. And even within Stardoll itself celebrities have a huge influence with the great choices available with the regular Young Hollywood releases.

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