#TSLBirthdayBash - Swimwear


The first segment of the night is something where I started out many years ago now - swimwear! My first graphics were a swimwear line I named TIDAL Swimwear back in 2011/2012 and my interest with this summer piece continued when entered into Stardoll's NTGD and my first task included it. Plus I couldn't do the first summer issue of TREND without include any! This small first piece features a small swimwear editorial pieced with some of my past works - enjoy =D
I'm still never sure what influenced me to go with swimwear when I wanted to start a line - it was all for the original Stardoll Fashion Week, but the event never happened. I'm glad I went ahead and made the line anyway though, they really started me with graphics and cemented the wish to continue with them and to improve my skills - and boy did they need improving!
It wasn't too long after this that I really put a lot of time into graphics, and that along with practice was what was needed for me to really step up. I still love working on swimwear, and although I look at those and have a giggle at my early works (first works), I wouldn't be where I am today without them. All that work really built up, and I'm quite glad in that as it's meant that I am able to produce my own headers and pieces for blogging - something I'm incredibly thankful for.
Swimwear has also been involved in key steps for me, like graphics competitions and magazine releases and sure, they've not always been great works, but I love the meaning behind them - even if it's just for myself. So I very much found it fitting that I would release this small swimwear segment as the first of this event.

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