#TSLBirthdayBash - Designer Lookbook


Penultimately is a designer lookbook! Lookbooks have always been my thing, heck my blog is called The Stardoll Lookbook and so I knew I wanted to include one in this celebration. I always wanted to promote somewhat of a less seen brand/designer/runway collection and I immediately knew it had to be D E L P O Z O!
Delpozo has been around since the 70's (yep, that long!) and was all started up in Spain. They made a lot of brand changes in 2011/2012 and introduced a brand new Creative Director - Josep Font. This really kicked Delpozo up a lot and it introduced runway fashion week inclusions in the Spring 2014 season.
The collections have often been deemed pret-a-couture, a name I could go for everyday! I very much see what they mean having looked at the collections and it's really been instilled in the designs since day one under Josep Font. And you can see a design theme easily running through all the collections linking them together but each with their own individual touch. One thing I love about all of the designs are the shape and style, everything seems very complete and structured and I enjoy seeing a place for some of the slightly geometric-inspired additions. Volume is something also featured commonly throughout the clothing, in this instance I feel opulence when I see it and the materials heighten the pret-a-couture feel wanting to be achieved. Colours are also never forgotten - you will need to check out the collections to see what I mean here!

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